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800w Threads are Churning

Fri Jul 25, 2008 - 11:56 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

What does your 800w Today Screen look like?

The TreoCentral Treo 800w threads are really on fire these days. Actually, they've been buzzing quite well since the 800w was released. There are some great threads over there. Lots of activity!

There are Sticky Threads at the top of the 800w forum page. One of my favorites is the thread started by Malatesta, "What does your 800w Today Screen look like?". It's great to see all the different Today Screens. There are plenty that are really eye candy for sure.

Malatesta starts the thread explaining that the basic point of the thread is to share your Today Screen setup and to give others ideas on layouts and programs that they were not aware of.

He also lists the guidlines as seen below:

  • Post a Screen Cap (I use Capture Screen Utility; Mobile DL)
  • List your Plugins/Apps (links aren't necessary but preferred!)
  • Mention your Today Theme
  • Use Photobucket, etc. for image storage

Just as we love to make our Palm smartphones look different on the outside by dressing them in different styles of hard and soft cases and putting skins on them, it's great that we can also make our Today Screens suit our personalities or to satisfy some whim. It's nice to be able to make your Today Screen unique or special with backgrounds and plugins. Who wants a Today Screen that looks like just about everyone else's? It's more fun to spiff it up and see what all can be added or subtracted to make it look the way you want it to look.

Check out some of these Today Screens:

Very nice! There are more great Today Screens in the thread to see too! I just went through and randomly picked a few.

Forum member quickstang asked an interesting question after noticing that forum member Bigchris was using Ocean Effusion as his theme and had Windows Live (Hotmail) app built in:

So i've never used WM before and always palm, but your icon says hotmail and 1 unread message. Can you actually keep hotmail logged and checking for mail unlike in Palm where you have to log on the web and check it. or are you paying for the premium version of hotmail.

Bigchris replied:

Yes, if you go into your programs and look for windows live icon, hit it and you can set up your hotmail account. This will keep you logged in and check for your new mail. I have the free version of hotmail too. No worries about the questions, glad to help.

And forum member quickstang was happy to hear that reply and said:

Sweet! That's my main e-mail and I always wished I could have it available like yours shows, and with WM i'll be able too. That's a HUGE bonus for me, and I guess a bonus of having the WM over the Palm OS.

The thread is chocked full of interesting information like that. You can find several neat Today Screen themes and all kinds of free programs and plugins to add to the themes.

The other Sticky Threads in the 800w forum section are "Registry Edits/Tweaks", "What do you want to know about the 800w?", "Software Working/Not Working on Treo 800w", and "Comparison Pics between the 800w and 700wx please".

So, what does your 800w Today Screen look like? Head on over to the thread and show off your Today Screen! But Hey, don't stop there! Check out all the TreoCentral forums and chime in! I learn something new over there everyday! ;-)

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