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Treo Pro Accessories

Mon Aug 25, 2008 - 12:08 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


The Palm Treo Pro was announced last Wednesday, the 20th. Our own Dieter Bohn got a hold of one and posted a nice unboxing video and some comparison pics on Friday.

I'm liking what I've seen and read so far and plan to get a Treo Pro when they become available in September. This device will replace my Treo 750. I look forward to the thinner profile and the flush screen and of course the built-in Wi-Fi and big battery. I'm sure there will be some cool looking cases coming out for the Treo Pro. The Pro doesn't ship with a case and that's the first accessory I'll be looking for because I want my device to be protected.

The Treo Pro ships with a microUSB sync cable, AC adapter with USB for power, and Stereo Hybrid Headphones. There will soon be some other accessories available for the Treo Pro.

Below are some of the upcoming accessories; the Treo Pro Cradle (MSRP: $29.99), Vehicle Power Adapter, Treo Pro Leather Side Case, and the Vehicle Power Charger (MSRP: $29.99).

Available Soon for Treo Pro:

  • 3343WW Treo� Pro Battery
  • 3363WW Stereo Headset (3.5mm)
  • 3387WW International Power Charger (microUSB)
  • 3403WW MicroUSB Cable
  • 3409WW Treo� Pro Leather Side Case
  • 3413WW TTY Audio Adapter (3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter)
  • 3416WW Treo� Pro Replacement Styli (2-Pack)
  • 3417WW Treo� Pro Cradle
  • 3420WW Travel microUSB Cable
  • 3437WW Vehicle Power Charger (microUSB)

The Treo 800w has of course already been released, and you can buy this WM Treo through Sprint. Below are some of the upcoming accessories for the Treo 800w.

Sprint Treo 800w Accessories:

  • 3291WW VPA Micro USB
  • 3404WW Spare Battery w Charger Micro USB
  • 3331WW Micro USB to 2.5mm Audio Adapter
  • 3333WW Power/Audio Adapter Micro USB
  • 3287WW 2-in 1 Stereo Headset Micro USB
  • 3369WW Leather Sleeve Case
  • 3367WW Stylus 3-Pack Treo 800w

In the meantime, if you're wanting some accessories for your Treo 800w and don't want to wait for the accessories above, you can get some nice accessories here right now.

The Treo Pro hasn't been released yet, but you can already find some accessories for it here. I buy accessories for a device before I ever get the device. I usually get a case and a screen protector before I get the device so I'll be ready to protect it when I do have it in hand.

I can't wait to dress up my Treo Pro whenever I'm able to get one of those devices. I'll be keeping my eye on the list of accessories above. I'll be sure to get the Vehicle Power Charger so I can charge my Treo Pro on the go.

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