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Treo Pro News Blurbs

Tue Sep 2, 2008 - 9:36 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

I have a couple of Treo Pro news blurbs this morning. First up, I read that Palm is going to retail the Treo Pro in Australia starting November 16th. According to istartedsomething, Australians who aren't the biggest fans of the expensive telephone operator Telestra, will be able to get their hands on a vanilla unlocked Treo Pro in shops on Sunday, November 16th for AU$900.

From the article:

At the same time I also asked about why hasn't Palm developed or customized the Windows Mobile shell much for the device - the "bread and butter" of HTC. The representative said that this decision was on purpose and believes that fancy shells usually consume too much memory resources slowing down the user experience, whereas the Treo Pro idles at only around 30-40% memory usage compared to as high as 70% on a HTC Touch Diamond. Whether or not this tradeoff between fanciness and resource usage will pay off for Palm remains to be seen.

Next up, I read over at that Palm is holding a Treo Pro launch today in London. says that since the Treo Pro is being sold unsubsidized in the USA, the phone will sort of become more an international than US-based phone like the Treo 500v, and that the London launch may be much more important than it appears.

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