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Are the days numbered for Verizon Treo 700wx?

Wed Oct 1, 2008 - 10:47 AM EDT - By Jay Gross

The rumor mongers are busy as usual, reading doom for the Treo 700wx into a "While supplies last" flag on Verizon's website. Your mileage might vary, but when I went to Verizon's pages just now to verify the report, I found it clean of any "EOL" indication. Sure, there's that $100 discount if you sign your life away for two years and agree to mortgage your cat to pay Verizon�s rates. But no While Supplies Last sticker.

This doesn't mean the 700wx isn't at the end of its run. Palm has new models to sell, and the new 800w from all accounts improves on the 700wx considerably. There's also the Treo Pro, just shipping, which moves much closer to today's cell phone must-have feature list. But take a look at Palm's website. The 700wx is still alive and well, and available for a mere $649.00. Maybe EOL, but if I bought one at that price I'd be furious if it had as short a model life left as the rumors are claiming.

EOL is business-speak for soon-to-be-discontinued or new-model-on-the-way. A cell phone model reaches End of Life quicker than anything in the known universe - usually much quicker than the 700wx, which has been around for much longer than most cell phone models. That's typical of Palm. I�m content to wait.

The conjecture, of course, is that the 700wx is to be replaced in Verizon's lineup with newer Windows Mobile Treos. Maybe so. There�s plenty of rumor on that issue, too. The big day is October 12, so say the rumors. This week. But why read my cynical take on it here? If Windows Mobile is your thing, cruise on over to our sister site, and get your fill of 800w rumors, Verizon and otherwise.

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