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Treo Software Roundup - v100308

Fri Oct 3, 2008 - 8:36 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Welcome to this weeks software roundup! Let's get started and round up what's new and updated...

Palm OS New:

Idea-Jot-It v2.0

Are you the creative type? Ever wake up and have an idea you'd like to jot down? Ever dreamt of something that seemed ingenious, but forgot the details by the time you're up and running in the morning? Then maybe Idea-Jot-It, by ieosoft is for you!

Ideas do not come easy. Where do you jot them when they come into your mind?
"Idea-Jot-It" allows you to jot down your ideas anytime anywhere!


  • It allows you to sketch your idea with color pen as well as categorize them into separate groups. You may also grade them with "Excellent, good, average and incomplete" categories. Ideas are sorted into ascending manner too!

Creative types, get it here for just $6.99!

My Debt List v4.0

ieosoft has released its My Debt List version 4.0!

Are you in debt? Well... MOST of us are, so, silly question, eh? :)~
Use this program to keep track of your current debt!


  • Record your debt starting date, due date, creditor, debt amount and the payment status.
  • Knowing your payment status easily by just tapping on the 'Paid', 'Unpaid' and 'All' buttons.
  • Records are sorted by due date, user can view which payment is in urgent.
  • Auto total calculation.

Personally, I hate seeing my debts laid out before me - BUT, it can lead to a plan of action to get them paid in time AND perhaps lend itself to developing a plan to keep your debt manageable!

Get My Debt List here for only $6.50!

Soft Reset v1.2

Thought I'd mention this app to those of you who find themselves having to do a soft reset more often then they'd like, and would like to customize the way your Palm device resets.

Soft Reset, by RNS::, addresses just this issue!

Yes, the soft reset can be customized.

This program changes settings, which are officially made available by the system. However, some PDAs and/or application seem to be incompatible with such changes.


  • Perform a soft reset with a single tap.
  • Choose whether to calibrate the digitizer on every soft reset or not.
  • Change the application that is launched after every soft reset.

Best of it, it's FREE, so don't complain to me about the price if your device isn't compatible, LoL.

Get it here for $0.00!

Training Time Log v3.0

Training Time Log, by ieosoft, is a handy program which helps you to keep track all your training time.
You can categorize each type of training and the total time spent on it.
A great time logging program for sports and body training.


  • Implement Repeat function. User can select particular record to be repeated.
  • for week/month or year.

Get it here for just $5.99!

Palm OS Updated:

8 in 1: Arcade Park for Palm v1.5

Herocraft has updated its 8 in 1: Arcade Park for Palm to version 1.5!

I remember when this came out and it sounded great! Now, it features - Hi-Res (VGA) graphics support (480x640, 640x480, 480x800, 800x480), as well as tweaks to better optimize memory comsumption - plus, they've added new graphics for Gold Hunter and Riverside Assault!

The Arcade Park collection has been carefully designed to revive legendary games from the past - this pack represents great value with 8 arcade games in one! Classics such as Arcade Ball, Asteroids, Rushman, Digger, Gold Hunter and Galaxy Invaders are available alongside military games Real Tanx and Riverside Assault.

Games include: Arcade Ball, Asteriods, Rushman, Digger, Galaxy Invaders, Gold Hunter, Real Tanx and Riverside Assault!

Things being said about 8 in 1: Arcade Park:

  • � Arcade Park is an extremely exciting collection of 8 retro games (SmartphoneGames . org) �> 95/100
  • � A fun diversion and good value for money (AllAboutSymbian . com) �> 70/100
  • � [DE] Recommended for each retro-gamer (PocketGaming . de) �> 8/10
  • � [DE] A really nice collection of 8 arcade games (Aikon . ch)
  • � [CZ] Great compilation of old eight games (GSM4U . cz)
  • � Great entertainment with little resource demands and easy handling (Softpedia . com)
  • � Enjoy the nostalgic feel of 1980�s arcade games! (MyTodayScreen . com)
  • � A highly polished set of arcade games in one pack (PDA247 . com)
  • � At $14.41, it�s quite a bargain (PocketPCMag . com)

Game features:

  • Eight different games in one collection
  • High-quality animation and graphics
  • Various game modes
  • Many bonuses, enemies and surprises
  • Customizable controls
  • The chance to create a record for inclusion in the hall of fame

Get 8 in 1: Arcade Park here for just $17.71! That's about $2.22 a game!

Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop Edition

iambic has updated its great Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop Edition to version 5.4!

Becoming more efficient and productive is something we want to do no matter where we are (at the desk or on the go). There are basic things that can be done (i.e. early planning). And then there are things you can do to boost the capabilities of software programs you�re already using on an every day basis. That�s where Agendus for Windows fits in. Not only is it the ultimate scheduling application, but it is also fun to use (and that�s half the battle when you are trying to make better use of your time).

Simply put: Agendus for Windows is an application that enhances how you view your calendar, contacts, tasks and memos. It also provides intuitive tools, such as text capturing, a free time finder, voice recording, advanced search capabilities and Internet features (weather, driving directions, address lookup). All of these things help in make scheduling extremely easy and hassle free.

Version 5 of Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop Edition has many new features that broaden its capabilities. For example, it is very Vista-like with an all new 3D glass look & feel. It has new Monthly Views, Contact Views/Capabilities and even a new Journaling functionality.

Features and Improvements in v5.4:

  • Contacts: We know your social networks are important to you, so we�ve created an entirely new view dedicated to Contact Networking. Drag and drop contact profiles to create new links and even collapse network trees so you make room for the ones you want to view. This lets you determine who�s who with just a glance of the screen.
  • Calendar: Version 5 now has a new Month Icon Mode that takes icons to the next level. Ever since we introduced icons as an Agendus extra, people have been raving about how useful they are (So much can be said with a picture/simple illustration). Now users have the capability to view a month�s worth of meetings, all in icons!
  • Tasks & Memos: Creating checklists are easy with the new Agenda Walkthrough feature. You can make holiday shopping lists, grocery lists, wish lists, and more!
  • Daily Journal: Journaling functionality is a popular feature in Agendus for Palm OS. Now that capability has been added to Agendus for Windows, making it really easy to quickly add Tasks, Calls, Meetings and more to the Daily Journal.
  • Tools: Version 5 introduces compatibility with Palm Desktop 6.2 with Vista!
  • and MUCH more!

Get Agendus for Windows Palm Desktop Edition here for $39.95!


PearKoran, by PearMobile Ltd, has been updated to version 1.1.

PearKoran is a pretty electronic version of the Koran that lets you enjoy the truths of Allah`s Word anywhere you go. You don�t need to carry heavy books with you any more, now everything you need is in your PDA! It also includes a few religion holidays. You can export these holidays into the DateBook, when you want to set reminders on them. If you prefer reading in Memo you can export texts of the Koran and descriptions of holidays there as well.


  • M.H.Shakir, Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Marmaduke Pickthall translations are available
  • 228 chapters
  • Muslim holidays up to 2012
  • Each holiday has a description
  • Available exporting chapters and holidays into Memo (Memos) and DateBook (Calendar)
  • Simple and user-friendly interface

Get it here for $4.95.

BlackJack Deluxe

DeluxeWare has updated it BlackJack Deluxe to version 1.40!

Black Jack Deluxe is the most popular Casino game, and now it comes to life with never-before seen realism on your Palm! Black Jack Deluxe is the first computer Black Jack game to accurately simulate Casino-style play while also offering features that will help you become a more skilled Black Jack player - essential for beating the house in a real-life Casino environment.


  • Enhanced digital music for Palm OS 5 devices (Music requires Palm Zire 71, 72, Tungsten T, T2, T3, T5, C, E, Treo 650 or Sony TJ, TH or UX series)
  • Enhanced digital sound effects for Palm OS 5 devices
  • 3 types of play : Quick play, Career, Tournament
  • 7 opponents players
  • 4 casino for play
  • Hi-res / Hi-res devices support
  • Excellent 16 bit graphics
  • Statistics.

This game claims to make you a better BlackJack player, but another thing I'd love about it is being able to bet it all, win or lose, and still have lost nothing but the time spent playing it! And, it sounds like a great way to spend some time - perhaps a review possibility!

Get BlackJack Deluxe here for just $9.95 and break the bank!!

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