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Searching for Cases for the Treo Pro?

Fri Oct 3, 2008 - 1:55 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Will my Treo Pro fit in this one?

Fellow writer Brian brought up the fact in his Tip o' the Week that there is a lack of cases specifically designed for the Treo Pro. I've been looking around for a case for my Treo Pro and had recently read a thread in our forums in which Treo Pro owners are searching for a case for their device as well. I saw today that there is another thread about Treo Pro cases.

I noticed a new Covertec Vertical Premium case in the TreoCentral Store this morning that is made for Treo Pro, Treo 800w, Treo 750 and Treo 680, but not specifically for the Treo Pro. I just have to be honest and say that I don't care for the looks of this case very much even though it sounds like a well made case as you can read in the description below:

"This elegant case is made from high quality, full grain cowskin nappa leather, inner part in heavy duty synthetic material, that is perfectly designed for your Treo Pro, Treo 800w, Treo 750, or Treo 680. Natural beige overstitiching, a secure snap closure, and easy access to your phone's main functions are also featured with this case."

The TreoCentral Store has a whole page of cases that will fit the Treo Pro, some of which are pouch cases and some are side cases, etc. I'm a big fan of the top cases, especially the pouch variety. These cases tend to be colorful and fun and universal, which is great because several types of smartphones can fit in this kind of case.

Above are all my cases in which the Treo Pro will fit. So I have several choices.

That sporty looking brown pouch case is one that I own and reviewed awhile back. I love the Golla Gale Brown case and my Treo Pro slips very easily into this case. This is one of my favorite cases to carry and I always get compliments on it each time I'm on the go and have this case with me. All of my Palm smartphones fit in the case as well as my iPod Touch and my former iPhone that now belongs to my Mom.

Speaking of iPhones, one of the Treo Pro threads on cases has posts in which forum members talk about their Treo Pro fitting into their iPhone cases quite well. I bought a Marware case via the Phone Different Store, now the iPhone blog Store. I don't see the case I bought but the Marware CEO Premiere looks to be an upgrade to the case that I have. My Treo Pro fits great in this case with room left over. My Treo Pro is really easy to retrieve from this case too since the case opens wide due to the elastic bands on both sides. I can get my Treo Pro out of this case faster than I can with any of the other cases I have.

Jay recently reviewed a case that I've got my eye on. The Swiss Mobility Legion case is compatible with the Treo Pro. I think this would be a perfect case to carry your Treo Pro in.

Here's an excerpt from Jay's review:

The attractive black leather case, which is available here for $24.95, holds a Treo secured by a generous flap with a magnetic button catch. It butterflies open to reveal more pockets, like a wallet. The pockets provide convenient nooks and crannies for credit cards, cash, and a driver�s license. The license, or other picture oriented item, shows through a clear window. I used the windowed space for a long-faded Kodak moment from the mid-1960�s that I restored on Father�s Day.
The amount of stuff I carry around seems to increase with time, and the Legion case brings welcome capacity. I can clip the case to the waistband of my pants and fend forth into the cruel world bearing extra business cards, some cash, wallet-sized snapshots, and other treasures.

The Swiss Mobility Legion looks like an excellent choice to me.

My Treo Pro also fits in my Rex Regina case. The case I have is a faux crocodile type and I don't see it in the store now. But they do have the RexRegina Stanton Classic which is almost the same as my RexRegina, minus the faux crocodile material. My Treo Pro fits nicely in the RexRegina too. Above, you can see my Treo Pro inside the case as well as a pic of my Treo 680 inside the case. I bought the case for the 680. Oh yeah, see that blue case hiding in the pics? That's the Dooney & Bourke that I recently reviewed, and my Treo Pro fits nicely in that case also.

I did happen to read over at Palm Addicts the other day about a case specifically made for the Treo Pro; the Carrymobile Leather Case (Book Type). I believe this is the first case that I've seen that is specifically made to fit the Treo Pro.


  • Opens and closes with magnetic studs,for ease of use.
  • White stitch finishing,making this case look more beautiful.

Carrymobile also has a leather Flip Type and Sleeve Type case for the Treo Pro. All these cases are Black leather cases and cost $28.00.

Well, what a coincidence! As I was writing this article, UPS arrived and delivered this Golla Trail Pouch that I'd ordered ($19.95) for my Treo Pro. Sweet! I love how this case looks! I love the soft polyester/nylon material. It looks and feels just like corduroy. And I love the colors on the case. The overall color is a rich, chocolatey brown and the flap has blue and green stripes, plus the words "Golla Lifestyle". The inner lining is also a polyester/nylon blend and is soft so that your device won't get scratched going in and out of the case. The inner lining is a pale green color that matches the pale green stripes on the front of the top flap.

Uh, did I say previously that my Golla Gale Brown case was my favorite? Well, now this Golla Trail Pouch is! I fell in love with the Trail Pouch at first sight. Both cases are similar in that they're top loading, have the sturdy (removable) D-ring attached at the top, large Velcro flap closure, extra pockets, and many carrying options. There is an included lanyard, a small horse-shoe shaped ring on the front of the case where I imagine you could attach your ring of keys, and there's a permanently attached belt loop sewn onto the back of the case.

You can bet that the next time I hit the trail, I'll be toting my Treo Pro in my new Golla Trail Pouch! I'll also be carrying my Centro in the Trail Pouch whenever I switch phones. Look how great the Electric Blue Centro goes with this case. The Centro really brings out those blue stripes. ;-)

Another protection option for your Treo Pro is the transparent film type of protection. I just read yesterday via that Case-mate has expanded its Clear Armor line to include Clear Armor for the Palm Treo Pro, Centro and the Treo 800w, each for $19.99.


Case-mate's Clear Armor for the Treo Pro works like an invisible force field protecting your Treo Pro from the world. Show off your Treo Pro's inherent beauty with the most technically advanced transparent protective film, Clear Armor. With Clear Armor, Case-mate is the Clear leader in device protection.

Note: Clear Armor is not compatible with Case-mate's Naked Cases.

Well, I reckon that would be a nice way of protecting your Treo Pro and showing it off at the same time. Case-mate's website says that the Clear Armor is easy to apply/install and has a lifetime warranty.

Forum member convbcuda mentioned that Vaja should be coming out with a Treo Pro case soon. Vaja makes gorgeous cases! I checked their website and they do have a page where you can sign up for the upcoming release of their Treo Pro cases. I do believe I'll go and sign up! Just the thought of the possible beautiful Treo Pro cases they're going to come up with gets the ole drool glands all worked up.

Well, as you can see, there are lots of cases out there right now that you can use with your Treo Pro. I have about 5 to choose from and none of them are specifically made for the Treo Pro. I bet you have some cases that will fit your Treo Pro too. I'm sure that the TreoCentral Store will be getting in some Treo Pro specific cases in the near future. Keep an eye out!

In the meantime, how about chiming in on our Treo Pro case thread and letting us know what kind of case you're using with your Treo Pro and what kind of case you're looking for.

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