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Thu Oct 9, 2008 - 2:15 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

In this economy, retailers are taking a closer look at their inventory to ensure they are carrying a product mix that best meets the needs of their customer base. Therefore, it isn't surprising to hear when some SKUs (as in "stock keeping units") are placed on the "End of Life" list. According to a story posted by Kris at Palm Infocenter, Palm has put the 3202WW Palm Hard Case (SRP $39.99) for the Treo 650 and 700w/wx/p line on "the list." Considering that this particular case was designed to accommodate an antenna (no longer a staple in Palm devices), this move makes sense. Palm�s website currently lists it at full price, so if you own an "antenna'd" Treo and are seeking a new case, you might want to check back for "blow out" prices.

The other EOL move has more to do with confusing SKUs. Apparently the 3291WW Palm Vehicle Power Adapter for Treo 800w Vehicle Power Adapter (with micro USB plug) has received its EOL notification. Palm carries another micro USB car charger, the 3437WW (SRP $29.99), which will be updated to reflect its compatibility with the new Treo Pro as well as the older 800w.

The moral of the story? The only constant is change. And if you have an older device that you want to "dress up," keep your eyes open for deals.

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