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Palm's Treo Pro Launch in UK

Thu Oct 16, 2008 - 3:47 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Annie posted a story last week about Palm's Treo Pro launch in the UK and Palm Europe is having an event that seems almost Apple-like. If you'll recall, Palm Europe is hosting a week long series of events at the Boiler House in the Old Truman Brewery. Palm renamed the place The Black Sheep for this special event.

Mike Slocombe from Digital-Lifestyles reported on The Black Sheep's events yesterday and it sounds like everyone attending is having a good time.

As Annie reported in her article, the people slated to appear are/were Piers Morgan former editor of News of the World and Daily Mirror, Karren Brady CEO of Birmingham City FC, synth-pop pioneers Human League giving a one off performance (on October 14), along with a primetime comedian and a Beijing Olympic gold medallist! Annie also mentioned that guests will be invited to enjoy "a stunning two-course meal by Michelin starred chef Brett Graham, head chef at The Ledbury in London's Notting Hill, and have the opportunity to sample the new Palm smartphone." That sounds like so much fun! I've already sampled the Treo Pro and it's great! I'd sure like to be able to samle that two-course meal too though.

Mike Slocombe says that Palm "certainly dug deep in the PR budget to put on a stellar line up." Slocombe says that Piers Morgan was jolly good company on Monday.

We tried to dig around for tales of backstage tantrums and prima-donna antics, but everyone seemed to like the bloke.

Hey, Piers did play his bad guy role when he appeared on "Celebrity Apprentice" but he also showed just how intelligent he is. He made the show very exciting.

Slocombe says that Human League performed last night and were sensational. He noted that some of their songs might be over two decades old, but the group sounded fresh and contemporary, even shaming much of the stuff served up by TV insta-celebs. Slocombe says that this proves a good metaphor for Palm:

They may well have lost a lot of ground to new upstarts, but they�re still a solid brand and their new Treo Pro phone shows them building on their traditional strengths. And they can still put on a great party.

I like that metaphor Mike! And I certainly agree. The Treo Pro has been called the best Treo to date. I still can't wait to see what the next generation Palm OS is going to be like. As I've said before, I hope that Palm blows us away with the next gen OS.

Don't forget that you can go to Palm's Black Sheep pub website and click on the different objects and find out what's going on at the pub in the UK.

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