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ACCESS Announces Official Opening of NetFront Browser Widgets Community Site

Fri Oct 17, 2008 - 12:25 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


ACCESS has announced the official opening of the NetFront Browser Widgets Community Site. I've always thought widgets were cool. The first time I ever had any on a device was when I bought my Apple G4 Powerbook from my pal Jimmie Geddes. I loved the Calendar and other widgets. Widgets are nice eye candy, plus they are very quick and handy for information.

ACCESS says that the widgets player for Windows Mobile has been updated, plus there's a new widget player for S60. Both players are Free to download too.

ACCESS also says that the site now includes a section for developers that features a developer tools download page as well as a widget upload page.

What are NetFront Browser Widgets?

NetFront Browser Widgets provide end-users with rapid access to frequently viewed or personalized web content like news, weather reports, stocks, sports and more.

Below are some of the Widgets.

It's easy to sign up for the NetFront Widget player for Windows Mobile. You just go here

From the ACCESS press release:

�Opening the official NetFront Browser Widgets Community Site is another step forward in realizing ACCESS� vision of connecting every device to the Internet,� said Toru Arakawa, CEO, president and co-founder of ACCESS. �By stepping up the development of leading-edge technologies and solutions for new mobile and integrated device markets, ACCESS will help to create fulfilling digital lifestyles for users around the world.�

There are several categories of Widgets to choose from. Below are some of the categories:

  • News - (Coming Soon!)
  • Shopping - (Coming Soon!)
  • Lifestyle Search - (Coming Soon!)
  • Games - Number Place (looks like a Sudoku clone)
  • Weather: World Weather - You can check the world weather forecast for a week with this widget. Don't worry about weather when you go on a trip abroad.
  • Calendar: Organize yourself with this calendar widget. Three types of display modes are available: monthly, weekly and daily.
  • Photos:
    • Groups - You can search photos by groups using Flickr�s photo sharing service. Find the groups you like and play it as a slide show. ("This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.")
    • websnapr - This widget can make a thumbnail of your preferred web page and check for updates to the page

The most downloaded Widgets so far seem to be World Weather, Calendar and Memo Pad. That makes sense as I can see people looking at those categories frequently. I'm one who checks the weather all throughout the day. I'm continuously checking and updating my calendars too.

I haven't used the NetFront Browser since I owned my Sony Clie UX50, so I wondered if I could even download and use the widgets. In the Help section, someone asked that question:

Question: I don't have the NetFront Browser installed on my device, can NetFront Browser Widgets be downloaded with other Browsers?
Answer: Yes, you can download NetFront Browser Widgets Player from the NetFront Browser Widgets community site with another browser. However, we recommend you to installing NetFront Browser. NetFront Browser v3.5 for Windows Mobile Concept Version can be downloaded from:

Note: According to ACCESS, users who have downloaded the beta widget player for Windows Mobile should uninstall the player and download and install the new updated widget player from the pages listed below. If you do not update the widget player, you won't be able to download and use any widget from the new site because all the widgets have been updated.

PC Widget Player download

Mobile Widget Player download

Also please note that NetFront Browser Widgets only runs on devices running Windows Mobile5.0/6.0 and S60.

Head over to the the NetFront Browser Widgets Community Site and check it out.

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