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Weekly Tips & How-to's: Guitar Tuner v2.0 for Palm

Fri Oct 24, 2008 - 3:03 PM EDT - By Brian Hart


If you don't know this already, I am a HUGE fan of free apps. No, not the kind of apps someone might steal from developers via downloading "cracked" or "patched" apps, but the free kind of apps that developing members of the community spend their time and energy to bring to the rest of us.

Guitar Tuner v2.0, from Jeffrey Yen and available for free download over at, is a simple, useful app for any aspiring guitar player. My daughter, bless her heart, wants to play the guitar and she took the initiative to find an extremely inexpensive (read "cheap") guitar on eBay. I helped her get it, thinking it would be a great way for her to "test the waters" and see if she really wanted to play. If it worked out, I'm willing to make a bigger investment for a higher-quality guitar. If she loses interest, then no great loss to the wallet.

The guitar she received is decent enough for the price, but doesn't stay in tune very well from one playing session to the next. Guitar Tuner v2.0 is a simple, effective little app for your Palm OS device (Treo or Centro) that does one thing and one thing only: help you tune each string of your guitar! Perfect.

It is an EXTREMELY small app (4KB!), but plays the tones for the six strings of your guitar so you can tune it without worry. The latest version plays the notes continuously to make your guitar-tuning even easier. If you are a musician, beginner or advanced, this is a handy little app that you don't want to do without for convenience sake. Download it and start playing in tune - in my own experience, no matter what my daughter is stumbling through on her guitar, it makes a HUGE difference when it's in tune! This is just another example of how my Palm device really works for me (or my daughter) in the real world. Isn't that why we have these gadgets?

If you are a developer with some helpful and/or fun software or if you have a tip or how-to that you wish to pass on to the rest of the community

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