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More Centro/Treo Sightings

Tue Nov 4, 2008 - 10:51 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Seems you can't watch a show on television without seeing someone pull out a cell phone these days. I'm sure not complaining though. I try to get a good look at each and every phone that I see so I can try to figure out what kind it is. Sometimes you barely get even a quick glimpse though.

Carla, one of our readers, wrote in recently and let me know that a Centro is used on the CW show "Privileged". Carla was even kind enough to give me a link to the show, so I went and checked it out. Boyhowdy, she wasn't kidding. The main character Megan Smith, played by JoAnna Garcia, uses a red Palm Centro all the time! You don't have to worry about only getting a glimpse of Megan's Centro because when she has it in her hand, she waves it around and plays with it. You can't help but see her Centro. Anytime a scene starts out with Megan holding the red Centro, you can be sure that she's going to get or make a phone call or receive a text message.

I know my screenshots aren't the clearest, but I was having a hard time even watching the episodes because of a slow connection or something. The screen froze many times and the words weren't with the people's mouths half the time. It was agonizing trying to keep watching it like that to try and get screenshots of the Centro. Only for you Dear TreoCentral readers would I sit here and endure such things. ;-) Sometimes the video played pretty good though and the show looks like it would be a fun one to watch.

Another television show that features a Palm smartphone is the popular CSI: NY. I haven't watched this show but a couple of times. Heck, I don't have time to watch every show on television. I have tried to keep up with the original CSI though since I started watching it when it first aired. I'm way behind though and will have to play catch up by watching the shows online or getting them on iTunes. Anyway, I keep hearing that one of the main characters on CSI: NY, Detective Mac Taylor, played by Gary Sinise, uses a Palm Treo all the time.

I saw a post on Palm Addicts the other day about a Centro and a Treo being spotted on CSI: NY. Writer Andy J.S. got some great screenshots of the Centro and Treo. He pointed out that the bad guy in the episode was using the Centro and that you can see some blood on the device. Check out the screen on the Sprint Centro showing Mac Taylor's phone number. LOL, the usual "555" digits are there of course.

I watched the latest couple of episodes of CSI: NY on my laptop while trying to battle Insomnia last night, and I really enjoyed the show. I noticed that the main female character, Detective Stella Bonasera, played by Melina Kanakaredes, uses an iPhone. I remember Melina from my old Guiding Light watching days. She played Elaini. Anyway,I see more iPhones and BlackBerrys on television shows than any phone. Well, other than those quickly glimpsed flip phones that I can't identify.

It's always exciting to spot those Treos and Centros though! I'm going to keep my eyes on the lookout for more Palm smartphone sightings! I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of a Treo Pro or a Treo 800w next!

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