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Round Robin: CrackBerry Kevin's Treo Pro Video Review

Tue Nov 18, 2008 - 1:04 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


As you know, in the Smartphone Round Robin, all the editors for each Smartphone Experts site has to use a different phone. We aren't allowed to use our everday smartphones until the Round Robin is over. We've all done video reviews of our first devices and I posted mine yesterday.

CrackBerry Kevin's first device is the Treo Pro. Poor Kevin can't play with his beloved BlackBerry devices and what's really bad is that the BlackBerry Storm is coming out this week. I know that is torture for Kevin. Hang in there Kevin!

Kevin has been playing around with the Treo Pro for a few days and he's posted his video review. Hey Kevin, I feel your pain. You've got the Treo Pro and are finding out all the great stuff about it. I've barely gotten to know the Treo Pro and now I've had to lay it aside for the next month or so. Of course Kevin has it worse at the moment since a brand new BlackBerry Storm is just coming out.

Kevin is used to getting his BlackBerry screen to come to life by pressing the trackball, and he was a little frustrated that the center button on the Treo Pro doesn't activate the screen. I think he's getting used to it though. Kevin prefers the BlackBerry Bold's keyboard as he feels that the Treo Pro's keyboard is more narrow and harder to type on.

Kevin loves the application in the top right corner of the Treo Pro that brings up the Task Manager and Memory.

Head on over to and watch Kevin's video review and see what he likes and dislikes about the Palm Treo pro. Let Kevin know what you think.

And be sure to let Kevin know what you think about his video review in the TreoCentral this contest thread. Each time you post in the Round Robin threads on all the sites, you're entering for a chance to win a smartphone. When you enter in the TreoCentral Round Robin contest threads, you're entering for a chance to win a Treo Pro, Case-Mate Clear Armor, and Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset (original).

You can read up on all the rules at the Smartphone Round Robin site.

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