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Wed Nov 19, 2008 - 12:05 PM EST - By TreoCentral Staff

Did you ever wonder what happens to the items that were returned to a store after the box was opened? Big savings is what happens!

The TreoCentral Store would like to introduce you to a new sister store, "Smartphone Outlet". Our opened returns go through a rigorous check to assure that our customers are getting what they pay for.

All products sold through the Smartphone Outlet are Open Box products, which were returned for one reason or another from a customer or overstock from a manufacturer. All items are tested, sanitized, and repackaged for sale.

For example, you can get a sporty red Jawbone headset for $49.95. If you're looking for some Treo or Centro accessories at the lowest prices, head over to the Smartphone Outlet and see what we've got!

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