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Round Robin: TreoCentral on the BlackBerry Bold

Wed Nov 26, 2008 - 4:13 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

BlackBerry Bold Video Review

Dieter had the BlackBerry Bold last week, and I've got the Bold in this round of the Round Robin. Just like the Curve in last year's Round Robin, the Bold is quite impressive. The screen is beautiful and the keyboard is a pleasure to type on.

During part of my first day with the Bold, I kept forgetting that it is a non-touchscreen device. I was trying to tap on the screen. All of my Palm devices have touchscreens of course and so does my iPod Touch and Nokia N810.

The cute little trackball plays a huge part in getting around on the Bold, and luckily, it's lightning fast. I'd forgotten how much I grew to love and appreciate the trackball last year when using the Curve. Because of the speedy and fun trackball, I can forgive the fact that the screen on the Bold ins't a touch screen.

So, I did get used to using a non-touchscreen device and it's not too bad. But I have to say that I prefer the Centro's home screen since I can see everything on that one screen that I want to choose from. With the Bold, I have to go to the Menu and start looking for most of the apps from there. The trackball makes it fast though. Too bad WM Treos don't have the trackball since you have to a little searching to find lots of apps on them too.

Thanks very much to all the forum members who helped me out with the BlackBerry Bold! I got lots of great advice over there and I really do appreciate every bit of it!

And don't forget to head over there to that Round Robin contest thread and chime in so you'll be entered for your chance to win!

And you can discuss this video review here in our forum threads for your chance to enter!

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