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Smartphone Experts SidePouch for Centro

Wed Jan 28, 2009 - 3:25 AM EST - By Neal Martin

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I love my Centro!! There, I had to get that out before I began this review!

Loving my Centro and having a few cases that fit my Centro, such as the Nite Ize Backbone Case which I reviewed here, I wanted to find a case that was designed to 'FIT' my Centro! Well, I found just the case in the TreoCentral store, the Smartphone Experts SidePouch for Centro. Read on...


One look at the SidePouch and you can tell the folks who designed this case had quality and practicality in mind! Not only is the case made of genuine leather, but the padding inside is thick and soft, which gives excellent protection for your Centro - with no worries of the material scratching your case or screen. And the fit, wow, my Centro fits into this case absolutely perfectly, with no wasted space - like a glove, with no worries of having to fumble trying to get my phone out when I receive a phone call. It's 'that' good of a fit.

Speaking of receiving a phone call, or making a call for that matter, at the bottom of the case (when worn) is a finger slot cut out of the case which makes taking your Centro out of the case a breeze! Simply push up and your phone easily slides out of the case for use!

Although you can load your Centro in 4 different positions inside the case, carrying the phone in the case facing away from your hip and top of the phone towards the front of your body (on your right hip) aligns the Centro perfectly with the ported speaker hole in the case. This is nice as it doesn't muffle your phone when it rings. Also, when your Centro is inserted this way, you have access to the 2.5mm headphone jack on your phone - a nice touch if you're listening to music!

Another nice touch of the SidePouch is that the belt clip is fixed to the case, which means a little less bulk than that of most detachable clips. This translates to the case being closer to your hip and feeling more secure - a feeling I love! The belt clip itself holds VERY securely to your belt, strap or bag, so there's little chance of the case falling off or being knocked off. Speaking of secure, the SidePouch also has a large magnetic flap which closes perfectly each and every time. The flap feels very secure and makes a nice 'pop' when closing and just gives you the sense of security.

The stitching on the case is top-notch! I couldn't find a single stray thread anywhere, and the seams where the sections are attached are precise. Plus all the edges where the materials meet are flush and fully resist my earnest efforts to pull them apart! I don't perceive this case falling apart even after many, many years of use!

The SidePouch comes in a variety of colors: Black, Cocoa Brandy, Red Brandy, Saddle Brandy and Cream Brandy. I chose to review the Black, but the other colors are gorgeous eye candy! The black leather has a nice grain, and the case isn't shiny like some faux leather cases tend to be - just a nice, flat finish!

Personal Experience and Conclusion

My description above basically tells you my personal take on the Smartphone Experts SidePouch for Centro. I've worn the case for a few weeks now and can tell you that I MUCH prefer the feel of the low-profile attached belt clip to that of most removable clips. While convenient at times, these clips seem bulky and tend to leave the cases floating off of my hip and lead to my case stabbing my hip as I sit or stand or lean forward or backward while seated. Give me an attached clip any day!

The fact that this case is made to FIT my Centro is another biggie to me. Sure, multi-use cases which 'fit' a variety of phones are convenient if you plan to carry more than one phone in the case at any given time - but, I LOVE it when a case is made to 'grab' my phone and mold itself around the phone, like a glove! That's what the SidePouch does for the Centro - it encompasses it like a baby in a papoose, while the finger slot at the bottom of the case makes removing the phone a snap!

The SidePouch offers great protection when worn on your hip, but does feature an open top for loading and unloading of your Centro. This is my only quibble with the case, as this tends to leave the corners of your Centro vulnerable to damage if you drop the case itself. As I mentioned, the secure, snug fit of the belt clip virtually eliminates the chance of the case just falling off or being knocked off. Still, there's always a small chance, so be careful.

The battery that came with my Centro died the other day, and I do mean died - as in it doesn't take a charge. This left me with only my Palm 1850 mAh Extended Battery w/ Door for Centro, which I reviewed here. While I love the extended battery life, the added bulk of the extended battery w/door rules out my carrying my Centro in the SidePouch for now. I hate this, because I LOVE this case! I'm heading to my local AT&T store for a replacement battery today, as my phone is still under warranty!

With its great looks, genuine leather materials, attached low-profile belt clip, secure magnetic flap and top-notch craftsmanship - the Smartphone Experts SidePouch for Centro is the perfect case if you're looking for a side case! At only $24.95 in the TreoCentral store, this case is a bargain and a must-have! Get yours today!



Design 5
Usability 5
Protection 4
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Form-fitting side case designed to really Fit the Centro
  • Genuine leather
  • Large, magnetic flap for easy opening and a secure closing
  • Easy to insert phone and easy to remove phone with finger slot at bottom of case
  • Attached, low-profile clip holds the case to your belt or strap securely
  • Cons
  • If you did manage to drop the case, you could damage the surface of your phone where the corners are cut out

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