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Handspring launches "Wireless Application Center"

Fri Feb 15, 2002 - 2:24 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring recently launched the Wireless Application Development center, which is a one-stop location to find the tools and resources for developing wireless applications for Treo communicators, VisorPhone and third party Springboard modules.

Available on the site is a selection of development resources for SMS, WAP or other wireless data and voice applications for the Palm OS.

Handspring also provides in-depth guidelines for designing web site content that is optimized for the Blazer web browser.

Currently available content:

- Handspring Treo Technical Specifications and Development Guide
- How to Use the Call History Database
- Data Communications on Handspring Devices
- Blazer Design Guidelines
- Handspring Treo compatible version of Palm OS Emulator (POSE)
- Headers
- Handspring Database Tools
- SMS Library Header Files
- SimpleSMS (sample code)
- Sample Dialer (sample code)
- VisorPhoneUpdate101.exe (285k) PC file�VisorPhone Update to enable 3rd party SMS apps
- Handspring Treo Mechnical Information

Hopefully developers will embrace this information and develop alternative "Dialer" and SMS applications for the Treo.

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