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FCC Approval for Treo 600

Wed Jul 23, 2003 - 9:25 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

The FCC OET's website now lists approval for both Treo 600 devices from Handspring. (OET is in charge of certifying radio equipment) The grants are available for GSM, and CDMA. If you search for Handspring in the Applicant Name field here, you will get a list of all FCC docs on Handspring.

In the FCC's database you can find photos of the Treo 600 interior, as well as radio module test data. No user manual has been posted so far - it might not be a requirement anymore.

The GSM's FCC ID is O8FDK. O8F is Handspring's company code, while DK is the name for the product. the CDMA version's ID is O8FBW. The Treo 180 and 300 were named for cities - NYNY and LON respectively. The Treo 600 as a platform had the internal codename of "Duo" due to the fact that the codenames were Batman (GSM) and Robin (CDMA). This is confirmed in the FCC photos. Kyle Cremarosa also notes that DK would stand for Dark Knight, and BW would stand for Boy Wonder. "In case you didn't know, Batman is known as the Dark Knight, and Robin is known as Boy Wonder. "

Also of note, it appears that Handspring is using the Broadcom 2121 GSM chipset (pdf) in the Treo 600 GSM. This marks a departure for Handspring as both the Visorphone and Treo 180/270 used GSM chipsets from Wavecom. Sadly, this chipset does not support the new EDGE technology that will suppsedly enable 200 kbps+ speeds on GSM networks. Cingular and AT&T are currently rolling out EDGE networks. There are chipsets out there that feature this technology, such as this Broadcom (pdf) one.

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