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Body Glove Silicone Case for Centro

Mon Feb 23, 2009 - 2:33 PM EST - By Neal Martin

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I've reviewed quite a few cases for my Centro, but when I saw the Body Glove Silicone Case by Body Glove it really caught my eye! I already own one Body Glove for my Centro, but I really liked the way the Centro in the store's picture looked, so I grabbed it for a review! Read on for more..


Let me state right away that the Body Glove Silicone Case is an AWESOME looking case! I absolutely LOVE the look and the feel of this case! Being silicone, the case is black, but not a shiny black, but a flat black translucent material that is soft but not tacky. It fits my Centro, well, like a glove. Every imaginable opening needed in a case to fit the Centro is there, from the obvious opening needed for accessing the touch screen to the tiniest of holes for the microphone.

The 5-way navigator and center button are exposed, but the phone, calendar, power button, etc. are covered by a thinned layer of silicone with the graphic of each button etched into the silicone. The area around the keyboard is covered and protected, leaving you full access to your Centro's keyboard. The only area that I questioned was the area just below the screen and above the center button. There is an area, about 1/3" that is exposed. My guess is to let some of the color of the Centro to show through, as the black of my Centro does look great against the flat black silicone of the Body Glove!


Reading from the description in the TreoCentral store, I saw the Body Glove silicone case was a strong, tear-resistant case which was both slim and sleek. This is something I look for in a case, as I detest overly-bulky cases! I also appreciate the one-piece design, even though I recently reviewed another great case that is assembled around the Centro.

The Body Glove has a removable knob which does make for a sleek case when the knob is removed, as the description in the store also mentions. The knob attaches to a kickstand that doubles as a belt clip and adjusts to 16 different positions to make carrying your phone on your belt, purse strap, etc. very easy. The belt clip holds your Centro to your belt securely and is relatively easy to remove from your belt when you need to use your phone. The kickstand is great if you want to set your phone down and watch a video on your phone. It's also nice for carrying on a conversation via your speakerphone on your Centro, as it holds the phone into a near perfect position for talking and listening to a conversation. Of course, the kickstand and knob can both be removed, and you can carry the phone around in your pocket, purse or in your hand if desired.

Protection and Conclusion

I've used the Body Glove for about 3 weeks now and can tell you I still love it as much today as I did when I first saw it in the TreoCentral store! It really is one awesome looking case. While the belt clip and kickstand both serve a very useful purpose, I prefer to carry my Centro around in a pocket sans the clip and stand. Most people who see my phone as I take it out of my pocket remark on just how nice my Centro looks.

Recently, Valentine's Day actually, my wife and I went out to eat. While standing in line waiting to order, I reached for my phone and it went flying out of my pocket and hit the floor! Admittedly the floor wasn't concrete, but my Centro hit the floor pretty hard! It bounced a time or two and landed face down and I felt the normal dread as I reached to pick it up. But, the Body Glove did its job and my Centro was completely unscathed! You could see a scuff mark or two on the silicone, but I rubbed them out, and the case and my Centro both looked good as new! So, the Body Glove not only looks great, but it does a GREAT job of protecting my Centro! Note: you can see a small scratch on the bottom of my Centro around the charge port. This is from dropping my Centro with no case at all when I first got it. *sigh*

I borrowed my brother's blue Centro for a picture to include for those of you who may own a blue Centro. I think the black looks better, but the blue does look pretty darned good in the Body Glove too! Judge for yourself!

Overall, I can't really think of anything negative to say about the Body Glove, other than it is a tad bit bulky when the belt clip/kickstand is attached, but they can be easily removed - so it's a win/win situation. The Body Glove Silicone Case for Centro is available in the TreoCentral store for $19.95, so all you Centro owners who want a great-looking silicone case that fits your Centro like a glove and does a superb job of protecting your phone should pick it up today!



Design 5
Usability 5
Protection 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Awesome-looking case
  • Durable
  • Lighweight
  • Great protection
  • Kickstand allows for multiple viewing angles
  • Cons
  • Belt clip seems a bit bulky at times

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