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Thu Feb 26, 2009 - 9:28 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


"Cheerleader" Claire Bennett was spotted on "Heroes" once again using that Centro. The Centro looks to be a Vibrant Rose on Sprint. We got to see some nice closeups of Claire receiving texts on her phone.

And looks like Claire isn't the only Bennett to use a Palm smartphone. Her Dad Noah was seen sporting a Treo 800w recently.

Thanks to duanedude1 and Roams11 for the heads up and the pics!

I'm always keeping a close eye on the show "24" for Palm smartphones to pop up. I've seen some Treos on there lately in the hands of bad guys. Last week, a bad guy's photo was shown on a Treo 750 for identification purposes.

Agent Renee Walker shows some pics of the big bad guy Colonel Dubaku to two women. I thought I'd seen Walker with a Treo before, but this time we saw some great shots.

Agent Jack Bauer is supposed to use a Samsung Instinct on Sprint this season. I keep waiting to see him use it, but I've only seen him use a flip phone so far. Fox even has a training game you can play involving an Instinct on the website, "Operation Instinct: Training Maneuvers". Below is a screenshot I got of the beginning of the game.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Jack use the Instinct, just to see what kinds of cool stuff he does with it. Maybe next season, we'll see him sporting a Palm Pre.

I have no doubts that the Pre will be popping up on television shows and movie screens in the near future. I can't wait!

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