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Kinoma to power mobile media on new Treo Pro

Wed Mar 11, 2009 - 4:06 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Kinoma has been selected to power the mobile media experience on the new Palm Treo Pro, which is available in stores this month.

Kinoma let us know today that YouTube and The Wall Street Journal on Audible will be available to Treo Pro owners with Kinoma FreePlay, the mobile media browser that lets consumers see and hear their favorite media faster.

Kinoma FreePlay delivers an exceptional mobile YouTube experience. So that viewers always get smooth, high-quality video, Kinoma FreePlay automatically switches between the Treo Pro�s network connections to dynamically choose the optimal stream for the current network conditions � PC-quality for Wi-Fi playback, up to PC-quality for EVDO playback. Users can sign in to their personal YouTube account to watch favorites, find and rate new favorites, share via email or text messages, and even upload movies taken with the Treo Pro�s built-in camera.

And Kinoma FreePlay also provides innovative Audible support. Users can sign up for their free 90-day trial of The Wall Street Journal on Audible in Kinoma FreePlay and start listening immediately. Kinoma pioneered Audible streaming, so Treo Pro users can start listening to The Wall Street Journal over 100 times faster than the usual download-and-wait. Crucial for listening on-the-go, Kinoma FreePlay's touch-savvy interface works equally well with the Treo Pro's 5-way navigator."We're big fans of the Palm Treo Pro, and Kinoma FreePlay on the new Treo Pro smartphone really shows what it can do," said Charles Wiltgen, Director of Marketing for Kinoma. "We're proud to partner with Palm to provide the best mobile media experience available."

If you didn't listen to the TreoCast in which Dieter and Mike interviewed Charles Wiltgen from Kinoma, go and give it a listen!

Dieter reviewed Kinoma Play last year over at our sister site WMExperts, and below are a couple of his quotes that Kinoma has on their website:

"...a super-charged media player that aims to make media you find on the internet as easy to find, play, and interact with as the media stored locally on your memory card."
� Dieter Bohn, WMExperts

"I think it's an incredible piece of software that must be at least tried out by every Windows Mobile user."
� Dieter Bohn, WMExperts

You can find out the difference between Kinoma Play and Kinoma FreePlay here.

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