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New Pricing Options for Gogo Inflight Internet Service; Treo Pro Owners Among Those to Benefit

Tue Mar 17, 2009 - 3:45 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Aircell provider of the Gogo(R), inflight portal which enables "a robust Internet" experience at 35,000 feet, has just announced a pricing plan for Wi-Fi enabled smartphones like Palm's new Treo Pro, Apple's iPhone and selected BlackBerry devices. Passengers can now connect using their handheld devices for $7.95 on any Gogo-equipped flight of any length. That's a $5 savings over the laptop price. Currently, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Virgin America are offering Gogo-equipped flights.

The new $7.95 handheld pricing option allows smartphone users to surf the Web, download entertainment, check e-mail, stay connected to their social networks and basically use their handheld devices to their full extent on the Gogo Inflight Internet service. Laptop users can still connect to Gogo for $12.95 on flights lasting longer than three hours and $9.95 on flights lasting less than three hours.

More information about Gogo can be found at: It's a good idea to register ahead of time here. There is also an option to sign up in flight.

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