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Fri Mar 20, 2009 - 1:35 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Just a couple of quick sightings for you today. I watched "ER" last Thursday night, the episode that brought back some of the former stars, including George Clooney (Dr. Doug Ross), Julianna Margulles (Nurse Carol Hathaway), Noah Wiley (Dr. John Carter), and Eriq La Salle (Dr. Peter Benton), winding down to the show's finale. I hate to see the show end because I've watched it religiously over the years and it's one of my favorite TV shows ever! I guess the show ran its course though, and sadly Michael Crichton, co-creator and producer, passed away a few months ago.

When I was watching "ER" last week, I thought I spotted a Treo Pro being used by Julianna Margulles in a bedroom scene including George Clooney. Believe it or not, I was so sleepy by the time the show went off that I totally forgot all about the Treo Pro, so forgot to go searching for a screen shot later on.

But as luck would have it, Dave, one of our always helpful readers, sent me a link to an Engadget post that had a screenshot from the show. And yes indeed, the phone was a Palm Treo Pro! It's a good thing there was some light shining down on the Treo pro from that switched on lamp because otherwise, the phone would have blended right in with the black nightstand. Notice the black nightstand, black lamp base, black keyring, and Carol's black watch?

I've spotted character Dr. Archie Morris using an Electric Blue Centro a couple of times but haven't gotten around to looking for a screengrab yet. I'll try to do that when I have the time.

Jeff wrote in to let us know that he'd spotted a Centro in Episode 2 of the new television show "Castle". And what's weird is that is the only episode that I've seen so far. I missed the very beginning of the show where the Centro was shown underneath a bed. I did see the phone near the end of the show and thought it looked like it could possibly be a Centro, but I had no idea that it actually was. So thanks to Jeff, we now know for sure. The phone looks to be a Vibrant Rose on Sprint. The Centro turned out to play an essential part in solving the case, so you'd think that it would have been shown more often during the episode. I went back and watched the show online and had a hard time getting the screen shot because the Centro was shown so briefly under the bed.

Let us know if you spot a Treo or Centro somewhere on television or the movies or if you live in an area where you happen to spot a celebrity carrying one. We'll post up your pics! ;-)

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