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Wed Apr 1, 2009 - 11:32 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


There was some excitement going on over at our sister site today. First up, Dieter got treated to a Palm Pre app walkthrough at CTIA earlier today. During the walkthrough, Dieter noticed a "Classic" icon on the Pre and asked about it, nearly touching the icon himself. The demo guy told Dieter that they'd talk about that later on.

Dieter put together an excellent Pre app walkthrough video, and you can see his finger getting mighty close to the "Classic" icon at minute mark 9:25. Dieter suspected that the icon meant that we would be seeing Palm OS emulation supported on Palm's WebOS.

And sure enough, Dieter was indeed correct in his guess! Those eagle eyes of his never miss a thing! I had reported early this morning that Palm hinted on their Official Blog that instead of pulling an April Fool's prank on us, they were instead going to give us a heads-up to check back later for an update direct from the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Annie deducted from Palm's Blog's hint that we'd be seeing the Mojo SDK available later today.

Looks like Dieter and Annie were both right! The Official Palm Blog updated their site and stated that Palm had expanded the Mojo SDK program for webOS, announcing that a broad group of developers would be provided with the software development kit to create apps for the Palm Pre (as well as other future devices running webOS).

And Palm let us know on their blog that Palm OS apps would come on the Pre in the form of a Palm OS emulator by MotionApps.

Dieter also let us know that Palm also announced their "Mojo Messaging Service," which according to Palm's Blog, "will enable developers to have live interactions between users and applications both on and off the cloud."

You can read Dieter's full article here.

We didn't hear anything about the release date or price of the Pre, but we did get some other great news to chew on for awhile. ;-) Thanks Palm!

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