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Treo/Centro Sightings

Thu Apr 9, 2009 - 2:19 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Thanks to all your eagle eyes out there, we're still getting tips about Treos and Centros being spotted on television and in the movies!

Dave let us know that he spotted a villain in "Live Free or Die Hard" using what looks like a TX and an E2 to hack into the governments computers.

Not Palm smartphones but still very cool! Nice catch Dave! I own both the TX and the TE and love them both. Fun to see them in a movie!

David wrote in and said that he'd seen a Treo on this past Tuesdays "NCIS" and another on a recent "Chuck" (the episode when Chuck learns about Orion). The Treo on "NCIS" is in Abby's lab and comes from one of the dead criminals. I was actually watching that NCSI and spotted the Treo in the crime lab, but don't watch "Chuck" so hadn't seen the Treo on it. I did some digging and found a screenshot of the Treo on "Chuck" but it was shown so fast that all I could get was this one fuzzy pic.

I was quickly able to find the Treo in Abby's crime lab. There was also a BlackBerry found on another criminal, which is seen below.

I was reading in the "Palm Pre on Heroes?" thread yesterday, and saw that forum member crogs571 had mentioned seeing a Treo Pro on the most recent episode of "Life" being used by a bad guy. So I watched that episode today and grabbed the screenshots below.

Cool! I don't care if the Treo Pro is being used by a bad or good person as long as we get to see one on television. ;-)

Fellow writer Neal Martin emailed me and let me know that he had seen Mac use a Treo Pro on the latest episode of "CSI NY". He even sent me a screenshot! Nice!

I KNEW I had seen Mac using a Treo Pro on that show, but had just never gotten a good closeup look at it yet. Finally, we get to see it! Thanks Neal! I'm going to be sure to watch that episode soon! I've got a lot of catching up to do on all my television shows.

Keep the sightings coming! And keep your eyes open for a Pre to show up. We know it's going to sooner or later on some show. There are rumors going around that a Pre is going to show up on the finale of "Survivor". We'll just have to wait and see though, huh?

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