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Best of SPE, 19 April 2009

Sun Apr 19, 2009 - 6:35 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

For April 19th, 2009

Each week we bring you the best of what's happening in the smartphone world in our "Best of SPE roundup." Come take a look at what's news!

Android Central

We're a little jealous of our friends across the pond, as they can pre-order the HTC Magic at the low low price of Zero. The pain is lessened, however, with the (admittedly somewhat difficult) possibility of hacking 1.5 Cupcake onto the G1 - though be warned you may get cut off from Android Marketplace if you do.

To be totally honest, it was actually a pretty slow news week in the world of BlackBerry. This didn't come as surprise though. With WES 2009 set to kick off in just a few short weeks on May 5th, both RIM and partners are likely saving their news for then. This is RIM's annual BIG show, and is a must go for anybody in the business of BlackBerry. You can learn more at On the ever-popular topic of the BlackBerry Storm operating system, Bell customers have been given an official update to version while Verizon 9530 owners are still waiting. Let's hope VZW releases one soon before there's a riot!

Nokia Experts

What's new at Nokia Experts? The new Nokia Experts Accessory Store! It's stocked up on all sorts of accessories for the Nokia E71, from bluetooth headsets to always-essential spare battery. On the news front, Matthew took a gander at Email on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, complete with a walkthrough video. Definitely check it out. If you're a Twitter fanatic, you will want to see the Twittix vs Gravity shootout to see best way to get your Tweet on. There's plenty more to check out, so head on over! now sports an all-new look!. We've tossed in a boot-load of features as well, most importantly you can now head to the Palm Pre Forums to chat up all things Pre -- they're integrated with TreoCentral so you won't have to create a new login. Meanwhile, like our pals at Nokia Experts, we have Twitter on the brain. The biggest news, however, has to be when we saw the Palm Pre in the wild. Come join us in the Pre Revolution, won't you?

The iPhone Blog

Previously on Apple delivered iPhone 3.0 Beta 3 and we've updated our iPhone 3.0 Walkthrough to reflect all the latest changes. (And no, still no Calendar access in the SDK.)

Meanwhile, with Apple's quarterly results coming next week, we remind everyone that it's profit share, not marketshare that matters. Also, is Verizon interested in an iPhone 4G? AT&T thinks so and wants to extend their exclusivity -- and maybe take back some control over apps? They may already have interfered with SlingPlayer, could Hulu be next?


Checking in over at TreoCentral, Neal tells us about a couple of new Body Glove cases for the Treo Pro.� Plus we learn about some software mentioned this week; SyncMate, to help you synchronize your WM Treo with your Mac, and pocketwit, a new twitter client for the Windows Mobile platform sporting a 'unique user interface'.� Also at TreoCentral, we learn what the Top 10 Best Sellers are in Palm OS and WM software in the TC Store. Plus, Annie lets us know about a cool app for your Centro or Treo called Cellfire that is the first ever mobile application that enables you to obtain store and restaurant discounts by using mobile coupons. Annie gives Cellfire a whirl on her Centro, and it's a fun read!


We're getting into some new hardware, with exciting things coming from a leaked Toshiba roadmap, a review of the Samsung Propel Pro, the Touch Diamond 2 is in stock in the U.K., and we learned that an unlocked Touch Pro 2 will cost as much as a decent laptop.

We're also expecting more Windows Mobile 6.5 news at a May 11 "launch" event, we make a case for Windows Mobile eventually supporting capacitive touchscreens, and Sprint made a good change to its warranty system.

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