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Agendus for Palm OS Version 13.06

Wed May 13, 2009 - 11:49 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

iambic announced earlier this week that their Agendus for Palm OS is up to version 13.06. Agendus for Palm OS enhances, integrates, and extends the built-in PIM applications (Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Memos) allowing users to get things done quickly and efficiently when on the go. Additionally, Agendus is optimized for one handed usage on d-pad equipped phones such as the palm os based Treo and Centro devices.

Built from the ground up with the inter-relatedness of the various functions in mind, Agendus includes many indispensable features such as numerous views, advanced contact searching, contact history tracking, address mapping and directions integration, weather forecasts, stock quotes, and much more.

New in Version 13.06:

  • Calendar Views: Resolved a corrupted date display in some instances on meetings in which the start and end times were the same (no duration)
  • Split View: Addressed some Tasks not showing in many instances with particular preference settings applied, despite they show in other views
  • Split View: Addressed a mis-timing issue when using drag 'n drop to reschedule a meeting which previously spanned midnight to a time frame which did not
  • Split View: Corrected auto-applying of Effects as defined in Meeting
  • preferences for after Completion/Cancellation not showing in this view when the status was changed via the edit dialog vs. the tap/hold context menu
  • List View Standard: Resolved an "Out of Memory" error appearing when attempting to define a Custom Date filter in which the beginning and ending dates were the same
  • Task View: Corrected the inability to scroll properly when this view was Grouped by "Due Date"
  • Task View: Corrected selecting a "Custom Date" while already filtered by a Custom Date reseting the filter view to "All"
  • Prefs > Tasks > Show: 'Show Only Dated Items' is now disabled by default, upon fresh install, follow a number of customer requests

You can get Agendus for Palm OS in the Standard Edition for $29.95, Professional Edition for $39.95, and the Premier Edition for $59.95.

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