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Longtime Palm User Weighs in on the Pre...

Fri Jul 10, 2009 - 1:28 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Centro User Transitions to Palm Pre...

Sure you've read all kind of Palm Pre reviews, but what's interesting about this one is that it does a really nice job comparing and contrasting it to a Palm Centro (a device many of us will be stepping up from).

Craig Froehle over at GearBits, described things like the Pre's size (it makes the Centro look downright beefy), how using the slider compared, the joy of multi-tasking, the "wonderful camera," unified messaging and his feelings about not having an expansion slot.

He pointed out the things the Pre can do that the Centro can't. But even more interesting are the little things the Centro can do that the Pre cannot. Among his list of missing functions are:

  • Can't copy text or images from websites and emails (the browser and email app don't permit that).

  • Controlling the email client with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Video recording. Why is that not enabled on the Pre?

  • Emoticons in chat (my wife and I both thought the ones on Palm OS were cute...why'd they go away?)

This post is an interesting read and will serve to help manage the expectations of those thinking of moving up to a Pre. And for the complete rundown of all things Pre, check out our sister site,

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