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Cellfire Revisited

Fri Jul 31, 2009 - 9:40 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Back in April, I wrote about Cellfire ( "Cellfire could ignite a handy way to save...""), a mobile couponing service. At the time, I recommended that you give it a try because maybe you'll "uncover an offer you can't refuse."

I discovered something new about Cellfire that may trigger a second look. It seems like the company is committed to a multi-channel approach. Along with doing mobile couponing, they have also come up with a way that you can download manufacturer's coupons direct to your grocery store card.

I just tried it at Safeway. I've been carrying around the red Safeway card for years because it offered a very easy way to swipe & save.

Last week, Cellfire did their usual email push of savings for my area. I was thrilled that I was actually being offered something I wanted -- Honeynut Cheerios at $1.00 off. Now I was motivated. Those 35 cents off offers made me yawn. But a dollar!? Now you're talking.

I logged into the website using my mobile number and was given an option of downloading the coupon direct to my Safeway card. So I did it and while there, I grabbed another coupon -- for Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters at $1.00 off.

When I got to Safeway, I found that the large box of Honeynut Cheerios had already been discounted to the card price of $3.49 (from $4.99). Curious, I grabbed the box and handed my Safeway card to the checker, who scanned it and then the cereal box. Then she did a double-take. Clearly she didn't know about the Cellfire deal but there it was: Mfr. eCoupon 1.00-

That's right, the gianormous box of cereal only cost $2.49! I imagine even Wal-Mart would have been shocked at this price.

So if you haven't tried it yet, go give Cellfire ( another look.


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