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AT&T Treo 680 Owners -- ROM Update Ahead

Mon Aug 10, 2009 - 9:58 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Treo 680 customers of AT&T are being warned (via text message and in writing) that the 2.11 ROM update is now going to be a requirement to continue using their devices on the carrier after the 15th of September 2009.

This "head's up" comes courtesy of PalmInfocenter's Kris Keilhack, who noted in a post on Monday that this 2.11 update, originally released way back in December of 2007, will give users "optimal call performance". The update contains a number of overall improvements in Bluetooth stability, the added Push-to-Talk capability and updated AT&T branding.

The update can be found here, at Palm's Support site.

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