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Breaking News: Apple drops Palm OS HotSync conduit from Snow Leopard

Mon Aug 24, 2009 - 10:27 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Breaking News: Palm OS Sync Dropped by Apple in new OS

Prince McLean at AppleInsider
has reported that Apple is discontinuing support for legacy Palm OS devices in Mac OS X Snow Leopard's iSync 3.1.0 per sources familiar with the latest Gold Master build. That means that anyone with a Palm OS device will need to use third party software, like Missing Sync from Mark/Space, for syncing calendars, contacts, bookmarks, music, documents and other information between older Palm OS devices and the newer Apple Macs.

McLean wrote:

With Palm all but abandoning its "classic" devices developed prior to the new Palm Pre, which does not use the same legacy Palm OS nor its HotSync or Palm Desktop software, the value of maintaining HotSync support in Mac OS X has dropped dramatically, leaving Apple to cut the support from the version that ships with Mac OS X Snow Leopard entirely.

He also stated that this move by Apple didn't appear to be related to Palm's "tricking" iTunes into syncing data with the new Palm Pre as if it were an iPod.

Reaction to his post has been mixed.


Thanks Phil for the tip...

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