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Thu Aug 27, 2009 - 9:01 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

This roundup piece is what it is... a little bit on trends and some odds & ends related to recent posts here at TreoCentral.

Trend: Moms Heart Smartphones

According to a story by CNET's Marguerite Reardon smartphones have quickly found their way into the hands and purses of "power moms," a.k.a. the CEO of the household.

As smartphones become easier to use and in many ways more useful, more women, including busy moms, are buying them to leverage all kinds of digital applications to stay organized and to connect with their families, friends, and social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. They're also using these Internet-enabled devices to get things done like paying the bills, ordering groceries, downloading coupons, and hunting for ideas for the next family vacation.

What has been true in the Treo/Centro arena for years is now hitting mainstream.

Follow-up: Hands-free & Plan B

Here are a few more relevant stories. According to a post appearing on the All Things Digital website, New York police issued more than 7,400 tickets last week in a 24-hour crackdown on cellphone-using drivers. A normal day, just under 600 tickets are issued. So the crackdown, at $130 a pop, is a nice haul for the City. Apparently, Officers gave fair warning of its planned blitz, but studies have shown that New York drivers typically ignore the law. They aren't the only ones...

By the way, this picture is what Yellow Cab NYC has on its website. Cabbies aren’t allowed to use cellphones under any circumstances when driving, even if they’ve got hands-free devices.


Reaction: Mobile Banking Gaining Traction

Here are a couple of comments from readers:

Jennifer G wrote:

"I find Mobile Banking to be invaluable. Especially if you share an account with a spouse. At any point in time, you can check to see what payments are pending, have cleared, or are scheduled, and most importantly, if there's room to make that "must have" impulse purchase. If not, you can move your money around between accounts or know when that $50 you just borrowed for a "bill" hits your account. Life is fast and most times you have to make split decisions on the go. Mobile Banking helps you manage it all and avoid costly fees."

Brandon R said:

"In terms of mobile banking, I have my account with Chase, and they recently opened their mobile banking site for use on smartphones. It works great for me on both my Treo Pro and BB Bold. Before they had a mobile site, their version of mobile banking was via texting using commands. You would enter commands to check your account balances (e.g., bal chk1), and it would immediately return a response within seconds. It was pretty handy, but the mobile banking is much better. I’ve found it very handy when out shopping, and when I needed money in my checking account, I easily transferred it from my savings to my checking, and it was ready for my use instantly. Mobile banking is definitely here to stay as long as more smartphone users continue to use it If they don’t now, they’re missing out on one of the most useful functions on a smartphone.


Energizer Bunny Rings Closing Bell at NYSE

As the Energizer Bunny tours the country to celebrate its 20th birthday, Tuesday's stop was New York City where the bunny rang the Closing Bell at the New York Stock Exchange. 20 years of the bunny?! Time flies, huh? You can get caught up on all things Energizer Bunny, at this website.

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For the Centro, try here.


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