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Ready for a stroll down memory lane?

Fri Oct 16, 2009 - 1:12 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Timed for the release of the Palm Pre, Dan Sung wrote a story that is a walk down memory lane -- chronicling the 13 years leading up to this "multi-touch, multi-media bonafide iPhone killer."

Starting with Palm Pilots (1996) he talks about other notables like the
Handstring Visor (1999), the Palm m100 series (2000), the Zire and Tungsten Series (2002), and the first Treo (2002). He also mentions the Foleo.

Sung's intro talked about something newcomers might not know, which is that it all started with handwriting recognition software called Graffiti.

"So, before you jump on into the Pre - now that it's finally hit the UK - or just in case any still loyal to the cult need a little reminding, here's how it went from a glorified notepad into multi-touch, multi-media bonafide iPhone killer." -- Dan Sung

By the way, another thing some of you might not know is that
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