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Embracing the time change with some clock apps

Mon Nov 2, 2009 - 4:34 PM EST - By Annie Latham

It's that time again, to get back that hour we gave away when we went to Daylight Saving Time last March. That means we're greeted with a nice sunrise on the way to work and faced with early darkness on our way home. But don't let the time change get you down. In fact, now is the perfect time to check out some apps, like Palmary Clock for Palm OS.

It is a full-featured clock with weather forecast for some 58K locations all over the world, plus a currency converter, plus an unlimited numbers of alarms and timers. Perhaps the coolest part of all is that you can make customized skins and backgrounds using your own digital images.

It normally lists for $24.95, but you can find deals on (like $6.95 pricing) if you hunt (Google) around.

Definitely worth checking out. And if you don't need the bells and whistles, try the little brother -- PalmaryClock Screensaver for $4.95.

Not to be left out, those of you with a Treo Pro or other Windows Mobile device, here's an interesting option: the CT AlarmClock by Connective Tools.

And Paragon Software's Handy Clock for Pocket PC could be worth a look too.

Handy Clock makes it easy to check time in 40,000 cities worldwide. The world clock view for five chosen cities at a glance is also available and accompanied by the world map displaying real-time Day/Night zone and selected cities.

Handy Clock provides various types of alarms for each day of the week. It can be set to ring once or according to schedule, and is easy to snooze and resume in pre-set time. The program supports a rich variety of alarm tones, sound options and ringtone types that help users not only wake up on time, but in a good mood.

In addition to various timers and stopwatches, Handy Clock offers an efficient tool for time management. It keeps track of time spent on projects, and can even be set to time the working day and calculate the salary rate per day/project. The user can easily work in a multitasking environment -- while making phone calls or sending e-mails from the device, the program's "Time Log" will track the project even if Handy Clock is not running. Handy Clock lists at $14.95.

Embracing the time change is a good thing. And perhaps, one of these apps will make you feel better about the fact that it is getting dark way too early now.


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