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Best Buy Launches Movie Mode App

Mon Jun 14, 2010 - 1:34 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Best Buy just announced a special "Movie Mode" mobile app this week that was designed to "transform the way moviegoers engage and interact with the films they enjoy."

Available as a free download, Best Buy Movie Mode comes to life via "The Minionator," created as part of an exclusive collaboration with Universal Pictures and tied to the July 9 release of its RealD 3-D CGI feature called "Despicable Me."

"The Minionator" is Movie Mode’s first film enhancing experience and offers fans a deeper connection to "Despicable Me" by translating what the film’s mischievous little yellow characters (AKA the Minions) are saying. The app acts as a translator during the 3-D theatrical end credits for the special language of the Minions. The app will also translate the Minion language throughout the entire movie on Best Buy’s exclusive "Despicable Me" DVD which will be released later this year.

Per a story in AdWeek, the app, created with Best Buy agency Crispin, Porter Bogusky, also locates theaters showing Despicable Me and Best Buy stores. It is designed to avoid interrupting theatergoers: When a phone is in "Movie Mode," it automatically dims the mobile screen, silences the ringer and discourages texting. The launch will receive marketing support on TV, online, in cinemas and in-store.

Looks like there will be a Windows Mobile version along with the big three platforms: iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

it will be interesting to see if this app kicks off a new trend. And if it does, will webOS be included in the mix?


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