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Donna Dubinsky Interview

Fri Oct 3, 2003 - 8:20 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

ZDNET has posted an interesting 7 minute video interview with Donna Dubinsky here, taped at the San Fransisco Misison Possible event.

The key comments that Dubinsky made were mainly about what they learned from the first Treo, and than what they are going ot do in the future.

The Treo 300 didn't feel like a phone, but more like a data device. Handspring found out that Treo's were being sold primarily in phone stores, so the idea was to make the Treo 600 a great phone first, and than add all the other data capabilities.

Dubinsky noted how the Treo 600 is still an earlyadoptors device, and that it is stil high priced. Handspring is still building carrier relationships, and making the Treo fit each network better. Carriers are very important to Handspring. The Treo 600 is much better than before, and Handspring will continue to work on it.

Brian Cooley asked Dubinsky about the future. Dubinsky replied listing all the features that our baord members want (802.11/bluetooth/better camera/better screen), but the consensus in the interview was that it would make the price to high.

Last of all, the Treo 600 is not a hardware product, but more so a software product. Handspring is not too woried about the competition because they believe that they have a superiour software product.

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