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Little Red Treo

Wed Aug 25, 2010 - 8:20 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

On Tuesday, HP's Rahul Sood. Sood was a special guest on PreCentral's PalmCast Live. Of the questions he was asked, one had to do with what his first Palm device was.

He said it was a Palm V. Actually he had many Palm devices over the years.

In a post on his website, he mentioned how he remembered something about a Ferrari Red Treo 600....

I was certain that I owned one, I just couldn't place a time on it. So I mentioned it, and there were some ooo's and ahh's, and likely some disbelief (I wasn't sure if I believed it myself, it had been awhile!). Then I remembered taking pictures of it at some point and posting it on a mobility forum´┐Ż

Here it is.

He remarked:

Yeah maybe red is a bit much but this was arguably the first Treo 600 in Canada (I imported it), and it was truly one of a kind. Back then it was the most unique looking smartphone around.

Talk about coming full circle... The internet is so amazing, I can't imagine life without it.


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