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Treo 600 Accessories

Fri Oct 3, 2003 - 9:26 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker, a European distributor of Handspring products has website up with pictures, names, and belgian prices for all Treo 600 accessories. You can see it here.

The most noteable accessory is the portable keyboard for 129 Euros. No other info is given on it. We are researching it now.

Other accessories are am internaional travel kit, laptop hotsync, USB & Serial hotsync, a USB Docking cradle, a 3 pack of stylus, a car charger, two cases, a headset, a headset to stereo headphone adaptor, and last of all an external battery.

Also of note is a 249 Euro Installaion Car Kit. No picture or details are known. The Treo 600 has a good chance of being released to the general public next week, so we will know more about these accessories soon.

Lee Ladisky notes that if you check MobilePlanet and do a search for the Treo 600, you will find the same accessories with much more resonable US prices. The extended battery will onyl be $59!

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