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GigaOm Asks Where's the Next Palm-HP Phone?

Sat Sep 25, 2010 - 7:42 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

A story written by Ryan Kim of GigaOM got quite a bit of traction.

"Where Is the Next Great Smartphone From Palm and HP?"

Great question. Kim notes, "...we haven�t seen any new hardware since the beginning of the year; we�re now closing in on the holidays with nothing in sight; and the market is racing ahead with a slew of competing devices. Surely Palm had something in the works before the merger, no? What�s taking so long?"

Kim's story is a running commentary that points to how "HP runs the risk of making webOS irrelevant if it doesn�t continue to build new smartphone hardware and fast."

Noting that at one time, Palm was the leader in the smart phone space (before the iPhone came along), he also remarked that if Palm doesn�t ramp up quickly, even with the resources of HP, the company could continue the same slide it has been on for half a decade.

Kim is saying what many of us are thinking. New hardware can't come soon enough.


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