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MotionApps "Retires" Classic Palm OS Emulator

Tue Oct 26, 2010 - 8:53 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

On Monday, MotionApps, a leading developer of software for smartphones, announced that they have handed over "Classic" to HP-Palm.

In 2009, when webOS first arrived on the scene, MotionApps greeted it with a Classic Palm OS emulator which seamlessly united two operating systems and leveraged many of the Pre’s hardware capabilities to run many Palm OS apps up to two times faster.

That was then, this is now -- In the world of webOS 2.0, Classic will not work because Palm removed Classic’s ROM from the new webOS 2.0 device ROM.

As MotionApps explained in their blog post the move was "contrary to our agreement with Palm and was done without our approval or consent."


> Based on this action, MotionApps has immediately stop selling Classic.

> However, as a courtesy to their clients, they are continuing to support existing Classic customers on webOS 1.x for the immediate future.

In an interesting move, MotionApps said they wanted to do what they can to help Palm succeed in their future endeavors -- So they decided to hand over the entire Classic source code and all of their accompanying IP to Palm so that Palm can do what they want to do with Classic and make it available with webOS 2.0.

The reaction was a mixture of sadness and anger in the comments appearing after the MotionApps post.


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