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McKinney Interview with The Seattle Times

Tue Feb 15, 2011 - 6:50 PM EST - By Annie Latham

Brier Dudley's Blog had an extended version of an interview with HP's Phil McKinney, that appeared in The Seattle Times. He is the vice president and chief technology officer for the Personal Systems Group at HP. McKinney has been making the round to discuss HP's decision to incorporate webOS into products beyond smartphones and tablet devices (the story mentions "more than 100 million devices a year ).

Here's an excerpt:

Q: Is this a fork, with Windows staying on your business line and WebOS for consumers?

A: The key is what we see as the consumerization of IT. Look at how many technologies going into the enterprise are really decided by the consumer. I go out and buy a consumer phone, bring it into the workplace and say, 'I want my e-mail on this consumer phone,' right? I buy a pad, I bring a pad in.
What you're seeing is this collapse -- this lack of differentiation -- that's going to happen between what is a consumer technology and what is an enterprise technology. What the enterprises really want is manageability, security. There's an entire WebOS roadmap to build in all of the security models so not only is it a great consumer device. But it will be the best and most friendly enterprise device that allows the enterprises to manage it, control it, secure the piece of information that's important to the enterprise, but all in one device experience.

Another McKinney Interview

HP posted the following interview with McKinney on their YouTube Channel (hpcomputers).


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