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Vendor Offers Tips to Ensure Safe Driving This Memorial Day Weekend

Thu May 26, 2011 - 7:03 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

tXtBlocker, an Orlando-based company that is the leading supplier of solutions to prevent distracted driving incidents, caused by using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle, has provided their top ten tips to keep drivers safe this upcoming holiday weekend.

1. Set your phone on vibrate and place in the back seat, glove compartment, or trunk to keep out of reach.

2. While driving in stop-and-go traffic, toll booth lines, and the like, don't use your phone.

3. Select your playlist on your Mp3 player before you start to travel, or while the car is parked.

4. Limit or block other passengers from using their cell phones if it shifts your focus in any way.

5. Be alert and sharp while driving. Avoid driving while eating, combing your hair, etc.

6. Let someone else take the wheel when over-tired, emotional or under the influence of drugs, alcohol or certain medications (read the label).

7. Drive the speed limit... easy does it. Even at a speed of 25 mph, the force of a collision is the same as diving off a three-story building.

8. Keep your irritation in check. Drive defensively, not with an attitude.

9. Leave plenty of space between you and all other vehicles.

10. Stop cell phone distractions with tXtBlocker to keep you and others safe on the road.

Of course, they had to plug their own product. Looking at their website a version for the Palm Pre (webOS) is coming soon.

The list they provided serves as a gentle reminder that when you get behind the wheel, your number one priority is driving.

Have a safe holiday weekend!


Source: tXtBlocker

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