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HP 'Thinks Big' with In-App Purchases for webOS 3.0

Fri Jun 3, 2011 - 2:56 PM EDT - By Annie Latham

Hewlett-Packard told the developer community it is now accepting application submissions for the TouchPad tablet which runs on the company's webOS 3.0 mobile operating system. The company also announced that webOS 3.0 will now include in-app purchase capabilities, enabling consumers to purchase premium features and related content and giving developers greater flexibility to monetize their software.

Per the HP webOS Developer Blog:

We're also incredibly excited to announce that in-app purchases are coming to webOS 3.0, and developers can get started with it today. This is a big addition to the webOS platform, giving developers the ability to:

- Provide customers with in-app access to premium features and compelling content

- Leverage new opportunities to monetize their apps

- Receive payments for user-purchased content easily and securely

We're rolling out in-app purchase in a few stages. Today, if you have a registered Developer Account, you can log in and start creating items. The next Early Access release of the SDK will include documentation on adding in-app purchase code to your apps. Then, in a couple of weeks, we plan on allowing developers to formally submit in-app items for review. You can reference our help article for additional details.

That developer post mentioned how HP "can't wait to see what developers can do with in-app purchases." Many of us second that emotion.


Source: Fierce Mobile Content

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