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Predictions for Treo in 2004

Sat Jan 3, 2004 - 6:38 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Treo Software

The most important software release of the year for current Treo owners will be the upgraded firmware. This will fix existing bugs that are prohibiting developers from making voice recording applications, and many more (Some developers have noted this on the boards). Once this update is released, developers will almost immediately have voice recording apps available for the Treo 600. More so, we might even see applications that can record short videos through the use of the camera API.

As publicly announced a few weeks ago, Rim and PalmSource will jointly develop Blackberry software for the Palm OS. If it is adopted on the Treo 600, it would greatly increase the enterprise sales of the Treo, and cement it as the leading smartphone on the market. On a side note, maybe it�s just me, but is RIM trying to move away form being a hardware provider, to being a software provider?

The beta Java software that Palm announced will go final and become important to carriers. The ability for the Treo to run their standard java apps for other phones will increase their revenue streams as they sell us new products such as streaming video. (Sprint does this, but only if you have a �normal� phone.)

SnapperFish releases version 2.0 of SnapperMail, with built in IMAP support, prompting mass upgrades by Treo users. While I'm sure that Will Lau is doing fine on his own, the program that he has developed is so valuable I would not be surprised if SnapperFish was bought by a larger PDA company, as Handspring did with blazer, and how palm did with multimail way back when. The goal would be of course to increase the rate of development, and insure the continued availability of SnapperMail for Treo�s.

As the amount of Treo users grow, developer base will grow, and I'm sure we will see more innovation, more cool apps that utilize wireless, and more applications that connect the Treo to the rest of the world. (I know, what a great blanket statement) Streaming media is a great growth opportunity, as PocketTunes has shown with their new shoutcast support.

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