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Palm Powered Up Awards

Sun Jan 18, 2004 - 4:10 AM EST - By Michael Ducker

PalmSource is hosting their annual developers conference this February 10-12th, where as part of the conference they choose four applications which represent the best innovation in the Palm OS world.

There are four categories, with one winner in each. They are: Enterprise/Productivity, Games/Entertainment, Multimedia, Wireless/Over-the-air. You are welcome to nominate one application per day.

The juding criteria will be based on these six factors:

  • Innovation � Does the solution push the boundaries of the current technology or provide a bridge to the next generation of technology?

  • Exciting and New Solution � Is this solution different than anything else that came before it?

  • Popularity � Does this solution lead the industry in sales or downloads?

  • Benefits � Does this solution enhance the quality of someone's business or personal life?

  • Ease of Use � Is this solution simple, elegant, and useful?

  • Support � Has this application been updated in the past 12 months, does it run on Palm OS 5.x or higher, and is product support readily available?

So, lets get together and nominate Treo related applications for the PalmSource Palm Powered Up award. Do it here. I'm sure that we can all agree that aplications such as Pocket Tunes or Chatter/VeriChat greatly enhance the Treo's usefulness. But wireless (in my opinion) has so far gone unexploited; We might encourage more developers to develop Treo apps if all the winners are Treo related ;).

For those curious, winning developers receive a trophy, a palm powered handheld, and a lot of free press.

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