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Treo photos on OS X

Fri Apr 2, 2004 - 10:51 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

Few windows users are probably aware of this, but Mac Treo users do not have the ability to sync their photos onto their desktop. This was the one oversight of Handspring/PalmOne in regards to mac support of the Treo 600. Until recently the only way to get your photos from your Treo to your mac was through the use of an SD card.

Now, two new applications fill the void left by PalmOne in syncing the Treo's photos to your mac.

First, iTreo by Florent Pillet is a $12 shareware application that can read all the photos on the Treo. It supports drag and drop of the photos to anywhere on your mac, including iPhoto. You can also save the photo in many quicktime supported image formats.

Second, is a beta application called iPalmPhoto Treo 0.1.2, by QueueSoft. It does virtually the same thing, but does not have drag and drop support.

I have personally bought iTreo, and I love it. I think it is well worth the $12, as it has made it much easier for me to use the photos that I take with my Treo in my blog and in other endeavors. In comparison to the free iPalmPhoto, iTreo appears to be faster, and the drag and drop support makes the photos accessible for use in other applications. Both of these applications are relatively new, and I'm sure eventually we will see actual iPhoto syncing for the Treo 600.

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