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Sprint Update 1.20

Thu May 13, 2004 - 3:29 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson, Michael Ducker

The active thread discussing the firmware update can be found here.

Update: While not included in the feature list below, we have confirmed that the new firmware does indeed enable some third party voice recorder programs to work, such as the Audacity Digital Voice Recorder Pro and Personal versions. Also, MovieRec 1.12, the free video recording app developed by a TreoCentral user, will now support recording sound with video. More details on this soon.

palmOne today released the 2nd firmware update for the Treo 600. Among the main improvements:
  • The palmOne POP3 email client has been incorporated into the Sprint ROM. The client has been preconfigured for the Sprint PCS POP3 settings.
  • The browser now supports playback of voice memos that might be received with incoming Picture Mail messages.
  • The browser now supports playback of inline MIDI ringtones.
  • The SMS application now supports Message Priority so that users can assign high or low priority to all outgoing messages. Additionally, all incoming messages now display high or low priority.
  • The audio-quality reliability is enhanced.
  • The palmOne car kit [] is now supported.
  • Browser has been improved to better handle redirect links used in conjunction with the Sprint download service.
  • Software now reflects the new name of the company - palmOne.

The firmware is available for download on palmOne's support site.

We will have user reports shortly.

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