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BackupBuddy 2.0

Fri Jun 11, 2004 - 1:24 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

BackupBuddy, by Blue Nomad Software has always been the premier backup utility for Palm OS handhelds. But, until now it has never had a major feature upgrade.

From the product page:

Using a very sophisticated and unique process, this updated version of the award-winning BackupBuddy program offers an unprecedented level of protection for your valuable handheld data.

BackupBuddy 2 protects all the contents of your handheld by storing, in a database on your PC, all changes made to your device since your last backup. BackupBuddy 2 can restore copies of your programs, data files and settings in the event of any emergency: crashing of your handheld caused by an errant program, an accidental file deletion and damage or theft of your PDA.

You can also restore any file, or even your entire handheld contents, from a backup made at some time in the past - this would return your handheld to its previous state prior to the occurrence of the problem, a process we call "ZoomBack´┐Ż".

Just HotSync with your PC regularly and you'll enjoy an unprecedented feeling of security knowing that your handheld's contents are safe and retrievable even in the worst-case scenarios.

BackupBuddy also comes with the lite version of their excellent BackupBuddyVFS product, for backing up the Treo on the go through an SD card. BackupBuddy costs $29.95, or $34.95 with a full version of BackupBuddyVFS.

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