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SoundRec 1.051

Fri Jun 18, 2004 - 3:33 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

SoundRec 1.051 is an excellent freeware audio recording application developed by Ryan Rife of Infinityball. New to version 1.051 is the ability for one button recording. From the user manual:

The Enable One Button Recording option will allow you to make a recording at any time regardless of whether or not SoundRec is recording with the touch of one button.� By enabling this option you can make a recording at any time by holding down hard button 1 on your PDA, review your PDA's user manual for a description of hard button 1.� If you own a Treo 600 the Phone button is used to activate the one button feature.� After selecting the one button option, to make a recording while NOT RUNNING SOUNDREC, simply hold down the first hard button for a couple seconds and you'll hear an audible indicator (assuming your sound is NOT muted) to let you know the system is now recording.� Continue to hold down the first hard button while making the recording and release the button when you are finished, you should hear another audible indicator to let you know it is done recording.� Remember the one button option will only work while SoundRec is NOT running and will only work if the microphone functions are available for use.

SoundRec is a full featured audio recording application. Recording quality and volume can be adjusted, audio can be recorded directly to an SD card, or it can be exported as a WAV file to an SD card after being recorded. File management and more is included. Check out Infinityball's website for full details.

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