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Aluminum Hard Case

Sat Jun 19, 2004 - 4:16 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

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Product Info
> Name Aluminum Hard Case
> Company TreoCentral
> Size: 116 x 69 x 32 mm
> Weight: approx. 55g
> Fact Sheet & User Opinions
> Available
> $34.95

Right Hand or Left?

The first thing that any right-handed person will notice with this case is that the hinge is on the �wrong-side�. That is to say, the case swings open to the right, and not to the left as is normal for cases. At first glance this seems awkward, but this is evidence of the well thought out design of the Innopocket Aluminum Hard Case. Right-handed people most likely hold their Treo using their right hand, on the right side of their face. If the case opened to the left like a normal case, when talking on the phone, the cover would sit directly infront of your face as pictured. And so Innopocket made the case open to the right, and when talking with the case open, the cover sits behind your head and not in front of your face.

The great thing about this case is that you don�t have to talk with the front open. Because the five-way navigator has been cut out, you can answer calls (foregoing seeing who the call is from), and then talk with the cool aluminum pressed against your face. This also protects your Treo from dreaded face grease.

I cannot think of a case that provides better protection than the Innopocket Aluminum Hard Case. The neoprene interior provides minor cushioning against drops, while the hard aluminum exterior prevents scratching, and other external forces, such as items dropping onto the Treo, or bumping into it while clipped to a belt. I use it whenever I feel that my Treo is at risk of being hurt. Looking very professional, this case provides superior protection to all that life brings to the Treo.

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