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Tue Jul 6, 2004 - 11:27 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Hexlet LLC posted an announcement on the TreoCentral forums today for their new blogging application, HBlogger. More information is available below, on the product page at their website, and on an active Live Journal being kept by the developers. HBlogger 2.0 is expected to be priced at $9.99. Hexlet LLC is giving away three copies of the software to its most active beta testers (participation is open to everyone).

HBlogger is�blogging client for Palm OS�devices. It�gives you completely new way to�blog. You can send your posts while you are at the road. If�interesting thought or�observation occurred to�you, for example, at�the bus on�the way to�work�� just jot it�down to�blogger and post immediately or�save as�draft to�review and post later.

HBlogger Features:

  • Live Journal support
  • Blogger support
  • Movable Type support
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Saving posts as�drafts.
  • Downloading from the server list of�journals/blogs available for this user.
  • Service-specific article attributes (public/private, mood, no�comments, picture, etc.)
  • Charset support for posting. (Currently only English and Russian is�supported. More charsets could be�added on�request.)
  • Image upload. Now you can include images in your post. You can use files on external memory cards and images from Treo 600 image database.
  • "UserPic" support for LiveJornal accounts
  • 5-way navigation for Treo600
  • Easy way to include HTML and LiveJournal tags in your post

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